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Our circa 1910's grand was brought back to life. Both the quality of the wood work restoration and the improved action helped revive a fine instrument.

John Heath
Belle Mead, NJ


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Required fixing of failed parts, due to manufacturer's use of low quality parts, engineering faults, or a lack of maintenance. Click here to see a list of common repairs and maintenance.


This term refers to extensive repairs, which may or may not include cabinet refinishing. Usually it means the soundboard will be refinished, new treble and bass bridges installed, plate rebronzed, new pinblock, new strings, new tuning pins, new shanks, new flanges, new hammers, reconditioned wippens, new key bushings, new keybed felts, new damper felts, and new damper guide rail bushings will be installed. All action parts will be meticulously regulated and hammers voiced.

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Click to see before and after pictures of a Steinway restoration!

piano restored

Click to see before and after pictures of an upright Sohmer restoration!

piano restored

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